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Image by Mathew MacQuarrie

From Author Joni Swift



Suez Canal, Egypt and Santorini Greece – 1863, Nothing had gone according to plan for Edward Tyrington since his father squandered the family fortune and abruptly died, but things got decidedly worse when the Operations Manager of the Suez Canal Company turned up dead. 

When another man is murdered, this time at Edward's archaeological excavation, suspicion turns to him.  Thus begins his turbulent alliance with the unusual Catherine Briggs, who proves to be both reckless and cunning in her efforts to clear his name. With corrupt police and international forces in play, time is running out to catch the murderer. If they fail, Edward will either be the next victim, or the man who will hang for the crimes.

The Bones of Santorini

5-Star Reviews For
The Bones of Santorini

"This is Historical Fiction at it's finest!"


"...a rich assortment of history, culture, romance, espionage all brought to life by incredible character building and scene setting."

-Readers' Favorite

Image by Mathew MacQuarrie

Book 2

France and Prussia – 1863, When someone close to Edward Tyrington is murdered, he is charged with bringing the murderer to justice. The murky path to catch the criminal leads him through the borderlands of France and Prussia, two countries on the brink of war.

With the resourceful Catherine Briggs and her suspicious Uncle by his side, Edward uncovers a secret plot that will tilt the playing field of war for decades to come.  Will Edward and Catherine catch the murderer, or will the assassins following their every move stop them?

The Skulls of Malgrange

5-Star Reviews For
The Skulls of Malgrange

"An exhilarating novel that will leave readers wanting more! Highly recommended."


"...a gripping murder mystery that has you guessing until the end."

-Readers' Favorite



Joni Swift has loved mysteries since her first Agatha Christie novel. She is passionate about travel, hiking and is pretty much a sucker for any kind of adventure. Joni loves good wine, live music and good friends.  When she isn’t writing she is usually hiking in the mountains or planning her next vacation.



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